Season Min. Max.
Summer 10°C / 50°F 25°C / 77°F
Winter  0°C / 32°F 21°C / 69°F

Kotagiri has been described as the "Switzerland of the East". Climate in Kotagiri is good for health and it is considered as one of the best in the world. It represents the best of all hill stations in terms of its balmy weather, rural flavour, rustic charm and general tranquillity. It is more temperate than Ooty (nearby hill station).

The temperature ranges between 9°C / 48°F and 25°C / 77°F . Days are usually bright and sunny, interspersed with light showers. It does get a bit chilly when the sunsets.

It rains in two seasonal periods following the monsoon pattern (both during South West and North East monsoons).

Best Time to Visit

India Home Club at Kotagiri experiences mild temperature (ranging between 9°C / 48°F and 25°C / 77°F) all round the year, thus the best time to visit the hill resort is any time of the year.